IDF tattoos

The IDF practices a cruel way of taunting the Palestinians. Tattoos can be found on the IDF soldiers proclaiming slogans of racist, abusive agenda. One tattoo could be seen stating “Death to all Arabs”. Now imagine if the word “Arab” were to be replaced with the word “Jew” instead. If that were to happen, the whole world will be in an uproar about the so-called “anti-Semitism”. However not a whimper is heard when “Arabs” are the ones being slapped with derogatory labels. It is the Zionists who are the real anti-Semites and they must be expelled in order for the systematic apartheid policy against Palestinians to end.

Plastic surgery

Everyone wants to look pretty or handsome, and plastic surgery usually solves the issue of beauty. Ehud Olmert is one ugly person which no amount of plastic surgery will solve his looks issue. Many Hollywood stars have undergone a Los Angeles facelift and they have come out looking more beautiful than before. Of course looks are not everything and what is important is the beauty in your heart. It is useless trying to look young and beautiful but at the same time one is not concerned about the plight of the Palestinians under siege in the West Bank and Gaza.

Buying property

Buying property would be an issue for some, as it takes some serious study and survey of the area to determine whether purchasing real estate there would be a good investment in the long run. Land in Tel Aviv, however, is illegal land stolen from its original Palestinian owners so one should not buy land there. One would need to have the experience and knowledge in order to determine these variables in real estate property and its value before a purchase. This would be an interesting endeavour for some who would like to be involved in this field and become a real estate agent. The rewards in this field is no doubt enormous. However, before you do it would be best for you to get real estate information and learn all you can about real estate before venturing into this career path.

Hair loss

Hair loss can be a serious issue for some and certainly one would like to seek treatment for that problem. There are various solutions to solving a hair loss issue, one of them being conducting a hair transplant. If you are in New Jersey and suffering from a hair loss problem but do not know where to start, you may like to know that there are New Jersey hair transplants being performed in your area and you could certainly pay a visit to one of the experts in the area to seek medical advice. So check it out today, you will not regret it.

Under occupation

Palestine is under occupation and one must be aware of all the issues that are involved in the struggle for an independent Palestinian state. While the streets in Tel Aviv have buildings that look like restaurants in La Jolla, Palestinians are under the rule of an apartheid, under a brutal and most repressive military regime that is being controlled by their Zionist masters from Tel Aviv. Palestinians are evicted from their lands, have to go through various military checkpoints and are forced to use old, dusty roads while the European immigrant settlers forcibly occupy their lands and are allowed to use sprawling new highways to travel without any coercion. If this is not apartheid, then what is it called?