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Israel launches Gaza air strikes

Israel has carried out air strikes over Gaza after a series of attacks in southern Israel killed at least eight people. The air strikes killed at least six people, including five members of the Hamas-linked Popular Resistance Committees and a young boy.

The air raid came in response to an attack on vehicles heading towards the Israeli resort of Eilat on Thursday.

299 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for over 20 years

In the light of a prisoners swap deal led by Hamas, the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners Affairs’ statistics bureau revealed that there are 299 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for over 20 years.

“Israel has lost the right to exist”, Norwegian article


An article in a leading Norwegian newspaper last weekend lambasted Israel and Judaism and said Israel has lost its right to exist in its present form. Entitled “God’s chosen people,” the article by author Jostein Gaarder in Aftenposten is raising a storm in Norway. Gaarder, author of the book “Sophie’s World,” links the Israel Defense Forces’ acts in Lebanon to Jewish history and foresees the coming dismantling of the state as it exists today, with the Jews becoming refugees.

In an interview with Haaretz, Gaarder said Thursday that he was misunderstood. “As John Kennedy declared in Germany ‘I am a Berliner’ I say now ‘I am a Jew,’” he said.

The article compares Israel’s government, the Afghan Taliban regime and South African apartheid, and states, “We no longer recognize the State of Israel” and “the State of Israel in its current form is history. We call child murderers ‘child murderers,’ and will never accept that they have a divine or historic mandate excusing their outrages,” Gaarder writes.

“Shame on ethnic cleansing, shame on every terrorist strike against civilians, be it carried out by Hamas, Hezbollah or the State of Israel!”

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Gaza: Israel kills 6, including 4 young siblings

29/04/2008 — Another Israeli massacre against the Palestinian children in Gaza and the international community no see, no hear and no speak. Four members of one family, including a woman and four of her children, aged one to five, their mother and a Palestinian resistance fighter were martyred during Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian emergency services said.

Mussab Abu Maateq, one, Hana Abu Maateq, three, Rudeina Abu Maateq, four, and Saleh Abu Maateq, five, were killed along with their mother when a tank shell hit their home in Beit Hanun, doctors at the Kamal Radwan hospital said. Ten people were reportedly injured in the incident, three of them sustaining serious to critical wounds, and one person was trapped under the rubble. A Palestinian source in the Strip said that a member of the al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, was also martyred by Israeli occupation army soldiers.

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