Let us talk about the Holocaust

Kazi Mahmood

Fredrick Tobin, who has been jailed on the charges of questioning the holocaust, has said that the holocaust is supported by three claims: the claim that Germany under Hitler’s control systematically killed Jews, the claim of gas chambers, and the claim that 6 million Jews were killed. He said that none of these are true.

In 1945 after Nazi Germany was defeated by the allied forces a trial was ordered to punish the German generals, officers and those known to have cooperated with Nazi Germany and the third Reich of Adolf Hitler. The trial of Nuremberg as it is known in history was also to help the Jewish community get back at the Germans for what is called the “Holocaust”.

Text books tells us that 6 million Jews died as a result of the holocaust and that they all died in concentration camps and after torture, miseries and all kinds of punitive treatments given to them. They were men, women and children said to have been killed by the Germans under Hitler’s rule. There are however many other historians and university professors as well as Germans themselves and at times Jews who find it important to question the holocaust and the use of the holocaust by the Jewish community to gain sympathy 60 years after the events.

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Jewish author lectures, defends Palestine


Not all Jews are Zionists and this report is certainly a prime example of what we are talking about.

The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and a former West Bank resident spoke against Israel’s occupation of Palestine Tuesday night. Hosted by Athens for Justice in Palestine, Anna Baltzer’s lecture was one of many in her book tour. She wrote the book, “Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories,” to bring attention to the plight of Palestinians.

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