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Israel players appeal to FIFA over possible ban

So did politics enter their heads when they decided to limit Palestinian football players movement? You reap what you sow, Israel. We hope that FIFA does indeed ban you for the transgressions you have done to the Palestinian players!


WATCH: Israel players appeal to FIFA over possible ban

‘We leave the politics aside to play football,’ say soccer players ahead of vote that could push Israel out of FIFA.

i24news, AFP

Published:  05.24.15, 12:51 / Israel Culture

Israeli soccer players published a video Thursday appealing to FIFA to dismiss the Palestinian bid to expel Israel from the international football’s governing body.

The video, uploaded ahead of the annual FIFA Congress on May 28, by The New Organization of Football Players in Israel, calls on FIFA to leave politics off of the soccer pitch and “Play the ball not the state.”

“Football is universal, we leave the politics aside to play football,” players are heard saying in English. “Football is a beautiful game, so please don’t spoil it, all of us together: Jews, Muslims and Christians.” Continue reading ‘Israel players appeal to FIFA over possible ban’

Palestine formally joins International Criminal Court

Palestinians join The Hague-based International Criminal Court, setting scene for potential legal action against Israel.

Israel wants to confiscate over 3,000 acres in West Bank “for military purposes”

Continuously stealing land is the only thing that Israel is good at. Israel does not want “peace”, they want all the “pieces” of the land left in the hands of Palestinians!

Israel wants to confiscate over 3,000 acres in West Bank ‘for military purposes’ – report
Published time: November 09, 2014 14:32

Israel wants to confiscate over 3,000 acres in West Bank

Israel has plans to take 3,176 acres of Palestinian land around a West Bank village near central Jerusalem, according to residents of the village who were handed orders signed by the head of IDF Central Command, Ma’an News reports.

Beit Iksa residents told Ma’an that the orders, signed by the Israeli military commander in the West Bank, Nitzan Alon, were distributed Saturday morning by the soldiers. They gave residents of the village until 2017 to evacuate the land.

Ma’an also published maps of the areas to be expropriated. Continue reading ‘Israel wants to confiscate over 3,000 acres in West Bank “for military purposes”’

BDS protest against Hewlett Packard in London

A protest held outside the Hewlett-Packard sponsored international “Sustainable Brands” conference in London on 5th November 2014. The conference mission statement was “to empower more brands to prosper by leading the way to a better world”. Unfortunately the world HP is leading us to via its Israeli surrogates is one of slaughter, imprisonment, torture, genocide and ultimately nuclear war. Our aim must be to force HP to withdraw from the Israel market and to stop supplying and supporting the Zionist state with the technology and finance which facilitates its colonial and expansionist wars and its cruel, sadistic dispossession of the Palestinian people,

Palestinians ask UN to demand Israel end settlements

The Palestinians asked the UN Security Council on Wednesday to demand that Israel immediately reverse plans to build more Jewish settlements, at an emergency meeting called to address tensions in east Jerusalem.