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Live in peace or go back to Khazaria

Live in peace or go back to Khazaria Live in peace or go back to Khazaria

Most of the Israelis believe that Muslims do not want to live in peace with Jews and are opposed to the idea of a Jewish homeland, but neither of those two misconceptions is true. Palestinian Muslims are ready to live in peace with Jews in Palestine, as long as everyone has equal rights, including the right to vote, which is not the case today. And Muslims are not opposed to the idea of a Jewish homeland. They just believe that a Jewish homeland should be in Khazaria or somewhere else but not in Palestine.

Everyone is talking about a two-state solution for Palestine, but a one-state solution through a referendum with the participation of all the people living in Palestine — Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people with other belief systems — would be the best solution. However, all of the disenfranchised Palestinians would have to be given the right to vote for it to be a valid referendum.

And for that to happen, all of the 5.8 million Palestinians in the diaspora would have to be granted the right of return and the right to vote in the referendum. If that happened, the plebiscite could be organized. However, most of the Jewish Israelis are opposed to this proposal because they would then be in the minority. Continue reading ‘Live in peace or go back to Khazaria’

Video: Israeli fans chant “Death to the Arabs”

Fans of Israel’s Beitar Jerusalem football team have been involved in new racist rampages, this time sparked by the signing of Gibril Kadiyev and Zaur Sadayev, two players from Chechenya. Beitar fans object on the grounds that the players are Muslim. In the video above a mob of Beitar fans rampaged at the Malha shopping mall in Jerusalem after a match against the predominantly Arab team Maccabi Umm al-Fahm on 29 January at Teddy Kollek Stadium.

The mob can clearly be heard shouting “Death to the Arabs” (mavet la’aravim), “Death to Arcadi,” (arcadi met) a reference to club owner Arcadi Gaydamak, and “A Jew has a soul and an Arab is a son of a whore” (yehudi ze neshema, ‘aravi ze ben zona).

Racism rampant among Israeli youth

This short film documents the Israeli side of a 2011 public opinion survey in Israel and the West Bank. For this part of the survey, 5 cities were visited: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheba, Herzliya, and Haifa where 250 Jewish-Israelis were interviewed in Israel today.

Rightists in Jerusalem: Muhammad is dead, butcher Arabs

The Zionists of Israel making their case known to the world with their racist chanting and Nazi inclinations kicking in calling for the extermination of the Arabs. A parasite is a parasite. There are no redeeming qualities to a parasite, you just pick it off your neck, crush it, and eradicate its larvae.

YNET logo Rightists in Jerusalem: Muhammad is dead, butcher Arabs

Rightists in Jerusalem: Muhammad is dead, butcher Arabs
Right-wing activists marching in Old City to celebrate Jerusalem Day Wednesday filmed chanting ‘Death to leftists,’ singing ‘Muhammad is dead’; police detain at least 15 people, both Jewish and Arab, during tense day in capital
Yair Altman
Published: 06.02.11, 08:14 / Israel News

Dozens of right-wing activists marching through Jerusalem Wednesday were filmed chanting inflammatory messages and singing provocative songs in the capital, including “Muhammad is dead,” “May your village burn,” “Death to leftists,” and “Butcher the Arabs.”

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Mahmoud Abbas: The Long Overdue Palestinian State

mahmoud abbas Mahmoud Abbas: The Long Overdue Palestinian State

Sixty-three years ago, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy was forced to leave his home in the Galilean city of Safed and flee with his family to Syria. He took up shelter in a canvas tent provided to all the arriving refugees. Though he and his family wished for decades to return to their home and homeland, they were denied that most basic of human rights. That child’s story, like that of so many other Palestinians, is mine.

This month, however, as we commemorate another year of our expulsion — which we call the nakba, or catastrophe — the Palestinian people have cause for hope: this September, at the United Nations General Assembly, we will request international recognition of the State of Palestine on the 1967 border and that our state be admitted as a full member of the United Nations.

Many are questioning what value there is to such recognition while the Israeli occupation continues. Others have accused us of imperiling the peace process. We believe, however, that there is tremendous value for all Palestinians — those living in the homeland, in exile and under occupation.

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